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16/AP/1232 | Redevelopment of Dulwich Hamlet Football Stadium, including the demolition of existing buildings, and land at Greendale, to provide: - the erection of a new stadium with relocated playing pitch, two-storey clubhouse with a Health and Fitness Club and stand, with capacity for 4000 spectators, a multi-use games area (MUGA) and associated floodlighting; - the erection of a series of buildings between three and six-storeys in height to provide 155 residential dwellings (7xstudio, 56x1 bed, 46x2 bed, 43x3 bed and 3x4 bed); - associated car parking, cycle parking, refuse storage and access road; - enhancements to existing open space at Green Dale Fields and the creation of a new public linear park; - the relocation of existing telecommunication equipment within the site. | DULWICH HAMLET FOOTBALL CLUB STADIUM AND GREEN DALE PLAYING FIELDS, DOG KENNEL HILL, LONDON, SE22 8BD

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Comment submitted date: Wed 26 Apr 2017

In recognition of the ecological value of Green Dale as a natural open space, Green Dale is set to be designated by Southwark Council as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation. The development risks causing damage to the diverse ecology of the area by encroaching on green space, causing noise and light pollution, and removing protection to birds and bats provided by the tree line next to the existing AstroTurf. The associated increase in footfall to the area causes soil erosion, which is a key contributor to surface water flooding.

Comment submitted date: Tue 07 Mar 2017

I fully support the proposals for the redevelopment and relocation of the existing football ground to the neighbouring Green Dale. Being a local resident, and having attending DHFC games previously, I have seen how the football club acts as a central hub, bringing together members of the community from Dulwich, Denmark Hill, Peckham and further afield. The club's fan base are growing rapidly and the relocation and improvement of the facilities will facilitate further growth whilst also providing invaluable community facilities. As far as the residential element of the scheme is concerned, and in contrary to what many existing objections have identified, the affordable provision is more than appropriate when considered alongside the significant provision of community facilities in and around the football ground element. The redevelopment and provision of residential accommodation on the site will also help make the area more vibrant than is currently the case. All in all, I cannot see how this application could be refused.

Comment submitted date: Mon 06 Mar 2017

I object to the proposed development on Green Dale and the Dulwich Hamlet Football Club site. First, Green Dale is important to reptiles, nesting birds, hedgehogs ... and Londoners like me who walk through it. It has Metropolitan Open Land status and should not be built on. Second, the development does not have the right housing mix. It fails the 35 percent affordable homes required by Southwark.

Comment submitted date: Wed 01 Mar 2017

I think a refurbishment of the stadium and surrounding area is long overdue. They do such great work for the community and I think the revamp will only in crease that.

Comment submitted date: Wed 01 Mar 2017

I believe the approval of a new stadium will not only help Dulwich Hamlet in their quest to climb up the leagues with their magnificent group of supports but it will galvanize the local area which is developing and it will help local residents enjoy the new facilities and bring the whole community together. A new park will be great for new/old families in the area and also an attraction to the many young working professionals within the Dulwich and surrounding areas. I can only see this a positive move for the area and I for one will be hoping that Southwark Council will see sense and give the green light.

Comment submitted date: Wed 25 Jan 2017

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Comment submitted date: Fri 22 Jul 2016

'I support the application for DULWICH HAMLET FOOTBALL CLUB STADIUM AND GREEN DALE PLAYING FIELDS, DOG KENNEL HILL, LONDON, SE22 8BD (case number16/AP/1232).? Dulwich Hamlet Football Club has played football in East Dulwich for over 120 years and I want to see that continue. In recent years, the club's attendances have grown by more than 400% and this is in no small part down to the fantastic work of volunteers at the Football Club (including the?Dulwich Hmalet Supporters' Trust ? DHST). This had placed DHFC at the heart of the community. With over 230 members, DHST are one of the largest community groups in the local area and their support of this application should not go unnoticed. They have been working with the applicant to ensure the ground meets current and future needs of supporters. I consider that the application is in line with Key Themes and Strategic Policies within the London Plan 2015 and Southwark's Core Strategy 2011, in particular Strategic Policy 4 (Places for learning, enjoyment and healthy lifestyles) which specifically notes that 'wide range of well used community facilities that provide spaces for many different communities and activities in accessible areas'. This is the very essence of what both the Football Club and the myriad of local churches, schools, youth groups and voluntary service providers will use the enhanced Champion Hill stadium for. Much has been made of the negligible impact on the Metropolitan Open Land (currently in use as an astroturf pitch) at Greendale, but this is largely baseless as most of the space is being reprovided on site. Furthermore, any loss is far outweighed by the once in a generation opportunity presented by the sympathetically designed community sports facility. I urge you to recommend these proposals for approval.'

Comment submitted date: Tue 19 Jul 2016

I support this development. The Dulwich Hamlet Football club is an asset to the community. A number of affordable homes would be welcome in the area. The new linear park will make sense of previously unused pathways and parkland. And I look forward to the development benefitting the Green Dale site and actually making the green space useable and accessible.

Comment submitted date: Fri 08 Jul 2016

I wish to object to the planning application in relation to the negative environmental impacts and transport impacts the proposal will have. The current proposal contravenes 3.25 of the Unitary Development Plan and Policy 7.17 of the Core Strategy which states that that ?The Mayor strongly supports the current extent of Metropolitan Open Land (MOL), its extension in appropriate circumstances and its protection from development having an adverse impact on the openness of MOL.? and ?The strongest protection should be given to London?s Metropolitan Open Land and inappropriate development refused, except in very special circumstances, giving the same level of protection as in the Green Belt.? Any acceptance of the proposal that allows this development to impact on this MOL would counter these policies and set an unwelcome and dangerous precedent for other MOL sites. The ?Further Ecological Surveys Report? submitted by the applicant acknowledges that this ?land take? would be ?counter to the relevant policies? and would if not mitigated ?result in a negative impact through a reduction in the overall area of semi-natural habitat and, possibly, a reduction in overall species diversity depending on the area affected?. This is also confirmed by the proposed removal of a number of healthy Lombardy trees, which are identified by the report as potential bat roosting habitats. The transport impact assessment also appears to underestimate the additional impact on the local transport services, especially given the proposed construction of 155 new dwellings, citing the potential impacts as ?negligible?. Having experienced travelling in the area at peak times, and the already high demand on the local transport network, I cannot concur with this statement, and do not feel the measures set out in the proposed travel plan will do enough to sufficiently mitigate the likely impacts to the surrounding area.

Comment submitted date: Wed 06 Jul 2016

I do not support this development - as a local resident we have so little green space as it is and I do not think any of our precious green spaces should be built on unless the same amount of land can be made available as a green space in the vicinity. Why not just rebuild it on the same piece of land where it stands now?

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